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(Image source from Lumine)

The official Twitter account for the Ao Haru Ride animated adaptation tweeted that they’re having a collaboration with Lumine, coming soon in Autumn 2014! Lumine’s website currently displays an animated Flash banner featuring artwork from the Ao Haru Ride animated adaptation. The Flash banner has different versions that appear at random.

The first one I came upon, which featured Kou and Futaba meeting again at the shrine, has this dialogue:

Kou: Are you in love with me?
Futaba: I want to know more about how I feel!
Kou & Futaba: Lumine, a new shop opens. 2014 Autumn.

Another more energetic one, featuring Kou and Futaba with Kou’s cat, goes something like this:

Futaba: We’re moving…!
Kou: From this very moment…!
Kou & Futaba: Lumine, a new shop opens. 2014 Autumn.

The last I found, which used artwork from the anime’s ending sequence, has this dialogue:

Kou: Even though I couldn’t say that I want to be with you…
Futaba: … I can say that I want to go with you!
Kou & Futaba: Come on, let’s go to Lumine!
Kou & Futaba: Lumine, a new shop opens. 2014 Autumn.

To promote this collaboration, Lumine is having an opening raffle campaign where they will give out an “original heartbeating box present” to whoever wins. According to Animate, there will be five winners, and this present appears to be volumes 1-11 of Ao Haru Ride and a signed poster from the main cast of the animated series. To enter, you must like their Facebook page. This campaign is open to Japanese residents only.


New Pokemon Project To Be Revealed August 26 On NicoNico Livestream


New Pokemon Project To Be Revealed August 26 On NicoNico Livestream


A new Pokemon project will be announced live on a NicoNico stream next Tuesday, August 26. According to translations from Serebii, the stream will provide a “shocking announcement”, but unfortunately there are no real clues as to whether eager Pokemon fans are looking at a game, manga, or new film.

The NicoNico stream – which is running in co-ordination with Famitsu magazine – will feature CEO…

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