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Double major in Journalism and Japanese Language and Culture**
Practicing Manga/Anime Japanese to English Translation**Audio/Video Editor**Complete geek**

Hey Curi! It's Mira from TBT :) I saw that you like the Atelier games, I didn't know about the new one so I'm really happy I saw your post! How have you been btw? ^^ Zell is still in my town, I'm very grateful for letting me adopt him! Have a great day~ xx



I’m doing pretty well. Currently balancing working and the internship, which is going pretty great. I got to meet with the mayor of my city yesterday so that was awesome. 

How about you? How is everything going? Really glad you still have Zell! I’m glad I could help out.

I actually just discovered Atelier myself and I fell in love with the music and gameplay instantly. I tried Rorona Plus yesterday but I wasn’t really into it. Then I saw the Dusk trilogy and that seems to fit my style more. Why didn’t anyone telll me about this series before!? So tempted to get a vita for the PLUS versions.

Also, quick question, do you think you’ll be picking up Fantasy Life for 3DS?

Bill Trinen Talks About The Background Of Nintendo Treehouse


Bill Trinen Talks About The Background Of Nintendo Treehouse


Online gaming publication Siliconera recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Trinen, the Director of Product Marketing at Nintendo of America. Bill explained about the origins of Nintendo Treehouse and how it was in the early days compared to now.

“The thing about Treehouse is that it’s actually a huge team [now]. When I joined Nintendo back in ’98, there were two of us. We localized…

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